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[audio]SLounge205 - Larry Winfield
No. 205 - March 12th, 2010 - 62:26 00:28 "Arrest Karl Rove!" - MinnesotaChange 01:28 "A Man for Our Times" - The Heavenly States 05:25 Welcome 06:06 Geeknotes: Saint Patty Day Poetry Cram, Bloodlines - Tales From The African Diaspora, Finishing the Book - This Month... 08:15 Open Mic Stage Intro 09:29 "Consumer Whore" - Team Smile and Nod 12:40 "Michael Moore on Karl Rove" - Liberal Viewer 14:31 "The Biggest Asshole In the World" - Cartographer 18:24 "The Moon Represents my Heart" - Emar 22:42 "...
Keywords: Karl Rove
Downloads: 555
[audio]SLounge205 - reclaimed. - Larry Winfield
No. 205 - March 12th, 2010 - 62:26 00:28 "Arrest Karl Rove!" - MinnesotaChange 01:28 "A Man for Our Times" - The Heavenly States 05:25 Welcome 06:06 Geeknotes: Saint Patty Day Poetry Cram, Bloodlines - Tales From The African Diaspora, Finishing the Book - This Month... 08:15 Open Mic Stage Intro 09:29 "Consumer Whore" - Team Smile and Nod 12:40 "Michael Moore on Karl Rove" - Liberal Viewer 14:31 "The Biggest Asshole In the World" - Cartographer 18:24 "The Moon Represents my Heart" - Emar 22:42 "...
Keywords: FU Karl Rove
Downloads: 679
[audio]pierce and welch backyard - tony and matt
matt and tony sit in the backyard and talk about blogging and bloggers and get very distracted and drink wine and try to keep it real
Keywords: matt welch; tony pierce; karl rove
Downloads: 598
[audio]pierce and welch backyard - tony and matt
matt and tony sit in the backyard and try to talk about the karl rove fiasco but matt takes the high road proving that hes probably a commie
Keywords: matt welch; tony pierce; karl rove
Downloads: 1,951
[movies]Fu Manchus Master Plan Jade Mix - Saducimus
Took a long time but finally succeeded in intercepting some E-Mail between Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, and found this (Apparently their childhood fave) Episode of Fu Manchu. Touched it up a little bit and hope this will increase the longevity of the re-viewing experience for them as well as everyone else!
Keywords: Dick Cheney; Fu Manchu; Karl Rove; Saducimus
Downloads: 208
Take an inside look at the blueprint for implant for drivers in post-global-warming created by scientists hired by Karl Rove, an item already boxed in warehouses, but as of yet not on the market. It will be a device available only at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us and is set for release in January of 2015.
Keywords: Karl Rove; Split-Second-Decision Implant; Saducimus
Downloads: 118
[audio]Elliott Feldman: The $450M Softwood Lumber Slush Fund
Elliott Feldman is in charge of the international branch of law at Baker & Hostetler in Washington, D.C.. He is a former director at the Canadian-American Business Council and has been following the softwood lumber deals since 1989. Ever wonder why Karl Rove was put in charge of the Katrina cleanup? The answer isn't surprising. Because he's in charge of elections for the Bush Administration! Confused? listen...
Keywords: softwood lumber; karl rove; george bush; canada
Downloads: 158
[audio]1110 KBND Radio News talks to Karl Rove - 1110 KBND Radio News
1110 KBND Radio News talks to Karl Rove. Rove was in Bend, Friday, April 16th, 2010 during a fundraiser for OregonReagan pac.
Keywords: 1110 KBND Radio News; kbnd news; karl Rove; Reagan Pac
Downloads: 5
[audio]NHPScottieHughesLovesKarlRove - Jeff Chidester
An Ode to Karl Rove We are join by Townhall contributor Scottie Hughes as we discuss our mutual respect and devotion for Karl Rove (not really). Scottie is great, she is wise as she is funny. Let me know if I should make her a regular. Find-out more about Scottie (she is awesome):
Keywords: Jeff Chidester New Hampshire Perspective Scottie Hughes Karl Rove
Downloads: 13
"Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail" Weekly Column by Amy Goodman for January 28, 2009. Karl Rove recently described George W. Bush as a book lover, writing, "There is a myth perpetuated by Bush critics that he would rather burn a book than read one." There will be many histories written about the Bush administration. What will they use for source material? The Bush White House was sued for losing e-mails, and for skirting laws intended to protect public records.
Keywords: Karl Rove; Don Siegelman; Barack Obama; Amy Goodman; Democracy Now!
Downloads: 30
"Obama Strikes a Chord With a Disaffected Republican" by Amy Goodman
Keywords: David Iglesias; Amy Goodman; weekly column; attorney scandal; karl rove
Downloads: 2,466
[audio]Bill Israel on his forthcoming book about Karl Rove and Rove's likely advice for John McCain's campa - Dori Smith, WHUS and Pacifica producer
Talk Nation Radio for February 21, 2008 Bill Israel on his forthcoming book about Karl Rove and Rove's likely advice for John McCain's campaign TRT:29:46 Produced by Dori Smith at WHUS, a Pacifica Affiliate at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT After the Wisconsin primary the clear front runners in the campaign for the White House are Republican John Mccain and Democrat Barack Obama. And this week's show marks the first in a series of shows on what may be described as a battle for reali...
Keywords: Karl Rove; Bill Israel; new book; Stealing Reality: the Rise of the Right; the Fracture of News; the Lessons of Karl Rove
Downloads: 183
[movies]Liberty News TV--Episode 7--August 2005 - Liberty News Group Inc.
What about Iraq? New reports of the extent of civilian casualties add to the horrors playing out in post "mission accomplished" Iraq. And despite the best efforts of White House spin doctors, the Karl Rove scandal is not going away. We also look at frightening developments surrounding the so-called "Patriot Act," regarding government spying on U.S. Citizens. The John Roberts nomination gets a close, hard look, and Kevan Quinn tells us where to shop--and who to boycott based on executive donation...
Keywords: John Roberts, Liberty News, Liberty News TV, LNTV, Karl Rove, Media Bias, Liberal Media, Iraq; Karl Rove; Rove Scandal; CIA operatives;; Patriot Act; civil liberties
Downloads: 2,604
[audio]Heather Wilson on Judiciary Committee email release - Peter St. Cyr, News Radio 770 KKOB
Former New Mexico Representative Heather Wilson reacts to the House Judiciary Committee releasing her October 15th Email to Karl Rove Assistant Scott Jennings.
Keywords: Heather Wilson; David Iglesias; Karl Rove; Scott Jennings; Pete Domenici; US Attorney Firings
Downloads: 11
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-08-07: The Right-Wing BS Machine - Mother Jones Radio
This week, we take a critical look at BS in politics and in our daily lives. Angie talks first to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman about the BS surrounding the Karl Rove investigation. He tells us he's learned that "if you say two plus two equals four, and that happens to be inconvenient for the Bush administration, then instantly you are a villain, a partisan hack and probably corrupt, and have questionable sexual practices." Next, Angie talks to Laura Penny, the author of "Your Call is Im...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; cartoons; karl rove; Paul Krugman; New York Times; Mark Fiore
Downloads: 4,757
[audio]David Iglesias on Wilsons October 2006 Email - Peter St. Cyr, News Radio 770 KKOB
David Iglesias speaks to 770KKOB News Director about the House Judiciary Committee's release of Heather Wilson's October 2006 email sent to Karl Rove Assistant Scott Jennings at the White House.
Keywords: Heather Wilson; David Iglesias; Karl Rove; Scott Jennings; Pete Domenici; US Attorney Firings
Downloads: 12
[audio]For The Record #311 - Bush League, Part II - More about the Associations and Actions of the Georges Bush - Dave Emory
FTR #311 1. The program begins with discussion of the "energy crisis" in California. There is significant evidence that this "crisis" was exacerbated (if not caused) by the very energy interests that George Bush serves. ("Turning California On" by Paul Krugman; New York Times; 6/27/2001; p. A25.) 2. Bush's Secretary of the Army, Thomas White Jr., served with one of the most important of the energy firms that Bush is beholden to, Enron...
Keywords: ASM Lithography Holding; Bush-George H W; Bush-George W; Energy Crisis; Enron; Karl Rove
Downloads: 35
[movies]Funny or Die Video 73fa92db4f: Rich Pretty Girl - Funny or Die
Ivanka Trump, World Series, Karl Rove
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Ivanka Trump; Karl Rove; Pretty Girl; World Series; comedy; girls
Downloads: 11
[audio]Great Speeches and Interviews: Mike Farrell an actor, author, activist - sgl
Actor, author, activist Mike Farrell discusses his memoir, "Just Call Me Mike" in Sacramento,Ca on September 28th, 2008. After gaining international attention for his role as B.J. Hunnicutt in the much-beloved television series M*A*S*H, Mike Farrell embarked upon a more arduous and ultimately rewarding path into the world’s social consciousness: as a tireless human rights advocate. Duration 54 minutes...
Keywords: Great Speeches and Interviews; Mike Farrell; Code Pink; Karl Rove; Homo Politicus
Downloads: 379
[audio]We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 12 - Philip Shenon - Jon Gold
Philip Shenon, the bestselling author of The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation, was a reporter for the New York Times for more than twenty years. As a Washington correspondent for the Times, he covered the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the State Department. As a foreign correspondent for the paper, he reported from more than sixty countries and several warzones. He lives in Washington, DC.
Keywords: 9/11; 9/11 Cover-Up; 9/11 Commission; Saudi Arabia; Karl Rove; Philip Zelikow
Downloads: 31
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Thursday, September 04, 2003
Judicial Nominees Pull Bush's Name- Jay Tamboli Defense Department Unable to Destroy Chemical Weapons - Cuog Phu Trihn Resolution for UN Support in Iraq - Haider Risvi St. Louis School Controversy - Katerina Pesheva Victory against the FCC! The Senate Appropriations Committee is today voting on whether to roll back these FCC media ownership rules. The FCC voted in June to weaken restrictions on media ownership rules which were expected to come into effect today...
Keywords: NATO; bush; chemical weapons; democratic party; elections; iraq; islam; karl rove; military; palestine; riots; tom delay; washington
Downloads: 129
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Ashcroft Recuses Self from Leak John Ashcroft?s top deputy announced today that the Attorney General is recusing himself from the investigation of a White House staffer or staffers who leaked the name of a CIA operative.Ashcroft was criticized for a possible of conflict of interest in the matter -- charging he would be unable to thoroughly investigate the Bush White House. Others claimed his close ties to Presidential political advisor Karl Rove make him impartial.The Justice Department is inves...
Keywords: attorney general; bush; california; disease; drug companies; elections; iran; iraq; japan; karl rove; korea; military; nuclear weapons; pakistan; russia; washington
Downloads: 156
[audio]Victoria Jones May 14, 2014 - Gary Baumgarten
Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones talks with Gary Baumgarten for the Paltalk News Network about how the Benghazi Committee could backfire on the GOP, whether Karl Rove's comments that Hillary Clinton may be brain damaged is a precursor to the presidential election campaign rhetoric and whether the Russians are serious about kicking the astronauts off the International Space Station.
Keywords: Victoria Jones; Talk Radio News Service; Gary Baumgarten; Paltalk News Network; Benghazi; GOP; Karl Rove; Hillary Clinton; Russia; NASA; ISS
Downloads: 9
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, July 11, 2005
At the FBI Academy in northern Virginia, President Bush expressed his grief for the British people who experienced several bombings on their transportation system which injured hundreds and killed more than 50. President Bush said that the attack is another reason to justify the measures the United States has taken in the war on terror, and that he Patriot Act must be extended. (AUDIO CUT:) The House Judiciary Committee could vote on the Patriot Act as early as Wednesday...
Keywords: EU; afghanistan; brazil; bush; elections; genocide; iran; iraq; islam; israel; karl rove; military; palestine; rights; riots; washington
Downloads: 112
[movies]Press Conference Re-opening 2004 Ohio Election Court Case
Video of Press Conference where Attorney Cliff Arnebeck explains why they are requesting a life of the stay on the King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association vs. Blackwell. A case regarding the 2004 Ohio presidential election in which a lot of irregularities are reported. They are seeking discovery with the help of a expert witness to try and take depositions from the people responsible for running the computers that tabulated the 2004 election results and those around them.
Keywords: elections, fraud, ohio, politics, 2004, voting, electronic voting machines, paper ballots, stolen elections, blackwell, bush, karl rove, fitrakis, arnebeck
Downloads: 55
[audio]The Leak Controversy Rages On - Raphael Cruz
The controversy surrounding the revelation of former White House official I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's involvement in authorized disclosures of sensitive intelligence information rages on.
Keywords: Washington Post; Scooter Libby; Patrick Fitzgerald; George Bush; Dick Cheney; Iraq; Karl Rove; Intelligence Leaks; National Intelligence Estimate; Knight Ridder
Downloads: 1,742
[movies]The D. C.30
A look at Karl Roves claim of Cindy Shehann's 30 followers. We dibunk his spinned lies.
Keywords: Critical Issues; Critical Issues-Alternative Views; politics; Karl Rove; Lies; lies; Washington D.C; March; anti-war
Downloads: 76
[audio]For The Record #315 - Not So Fortunate Son: The Death of J. H. Hatfield - Dave Emory
FTR #315 1. This program highlights the death of the author of a book that alleges that, among other things, George W. Bush had business connections with the family of Osama Bin Laden. ("Arkansas: Author of Book Dies" [AP]; New York Times; 7/21/2001; p. A10.) 2. J.H. Hatfield, the author of Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and The Making of an American President, died from what police reported as an apparent drug overdose...
Keywords: bin Laden; Bush-George H W; Bush-George W; Carlyle Group; CIA; Dulles; Ibn Saud; Iran-Contra; Karl Rove; Saudi
Downloads: 131
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Tuesday, July 12, 2005
In London, investigations continue into lat Thursday's bombings.But as Helen Kelly reports, surveillance and anti-terror policy are at theforefront of the discussions by British officials. In a rare decision, the Supreme Court postponed the execution of a Virginia man at the 11th hour.Peter Larkin has more, from Washington D.C. The American oil company Chevron has been accused of defrauding the Nigerian government of $2.8 billion through tax evasion...
Keywords: UN; bush; california; china; death penalty; democratic party; environment; global warming; india; islam; karl rove; mexico; nigeria; oil; privacy; rebellion; rumsfeld; scotus; washington
Downloads: 169
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, April 19, 2006
PRODI VICTORY CONFIRMED Italy's Supreme Court has found Romano Prodi to be the official winner of the country's closely contested prime ministerial election. Current Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, had refused to concede after results showed a razor-thin margin of victory for Prodi. Today's Supreme Court ruling ends 10 days of uncertainty that followed the close election. SIT-IN AT GOV. JEB BUSH'S OFFICE 30 students began a sit-in at Florida governor Jeb Bush's office this morning...
Keywords: NSA; attorney general; bush; china; dance; democratic party; elections; france; iraq; israel; karl rove; korea; kurds; military; palestine; protest; rights; scotus; washington
Downloads: 19
[audio]Bob and Harvey Show - Oct -28 - 2006 -
In this episode, Bob and Harvey are joined by Cliff Arnebeck. They discuss the issues of House Bill 3 in Ohio.
Keywords: Ohio; House Bill 3; voter disenfranchisement; 2004 election; 2004 election; strickland; blackwell; voter fraud; republican; democrat; 2004 presidential election; 2000 presidential election; karl rove; nuclear
Downloads: 3,140
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4c4d7e90ae: Sayonara Karl Rove - Funny or Die
Jackie and Dulap bid a fond farewell to Karl Rove
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; A Fond Farewell; Black Baby; Bush; Dunlap; Jackie; Karl Rove; MC; Red State Update; Ron Paul; William Sherry; dove hunting; farewell; resigns
Downloads: 7
[audio]8MinutesOnHigh Episode 010 - 8MinutesOnHighPodcast
It may be ok for pizza, but 30 minutes just wasn't enough for Maqz and Zach. Together they check out the Are You Smarter Than A Fox News Viewer quiz from the Christian Science Monitor, in a supplemental segment worth sticking around for after the music. We had an election. Morning Joe didn't believe the predictions, but we've done some math of our own and we figure if you're people are standing in line for hours and hours just to vote, you probably really did do the math correctly...
Keywords: election; Morning Joe; Karl Rove; standing in line; Ta-Neshi Coates; gay marriage; Christian Science Monitor; respectfully disagree; Jefferson; racism; interweb problems
Downloads: 38
[movies]Funny or Die Video c409d209b6: The Best of Ed-E-torial: SpongeBong to KKK Muppet Bert - Funny or Die
From SpongeBob on pot to Bert joining the KKK and Karl Rove's secret diet, it's all here on the best of Ed-E-torial. And remember to visit and enter Ed-E-torial for our new season.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; George Bush; Karl Rove; O J Simpson; Sponge Bob; The Best Of; The KKK; bert; iraq; muppets
Downloads: 14
[movies]Funny or Die Video 3529: Kiki's Commentary - Karl Rove - Funny or Die
What does Kiki think of the one and only What does Kiki think of the one and only
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Karl Rove; One and Only; karl; Carl Rove; George Bush; kiki; commentary; opinion; titty; strip club; hot; sexy; stripper; democrat; news; political; Karl Rove; One and Only; karl; Carl Rove; George Bush; kiki; commentary; opinion; titty; strip club; hot; sexy; stripper; democrat; news; political
Downloads: 15
[audio]When Veterans Come Home Innovations Zwerdling
On January 6th through 9th, 2010, the Carter Center, the Columbia Journalism School Continuing Education Program and the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma gathered journalists, mental health and policy experts, and veterans and other stakeholders for "When Veterans Come Home: A Workshop for Working Journalists." The second day of the conference ended with a conversation about veterans past and future between National Public Radio correspondent Daniel Zwerdling and Max Cleland, Vietnam vetera...
Keywords: Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma; Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; The Carter Center; veterans; PTSD; Daniel Zwerdling; Max Cleland; How I Found The Courage To Survive Vietnam; Walter Reed; and Karl Rove
Downloads: 6
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, July 18, 2005
Two cases will be immediately returned to a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said. The decision comes after an appeals court overturned a previous ruling on Friday that military tribunals are with in reach of the constitution and do not violate the Geneva Convention on prisoners rights. The AP is reporting that the two cases are those of David Hicks, an Austrialian accused of fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the defenda...
Keywords: afghanistan; bush; california; cheney; elections; environment; greenpeace; india; iran; iraq; islam; israel; karl rove; marijuana; mexico; military; nuclear weapons; palestine; privacy; riots; rumsfeld; saddam hussein; scooter libby; scotus; suicide
Downloads: 130
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, October 24, 2005
EXPLOSION'S AT PALESTINE HOTEL At least 20 people are reportedly dead after three massive car bombs exploded outside of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad today. The hotel is used as a base of operations for numerous foreign journalists. Although there are no fatalities reported inside of the hotel, the building was damaged in the series of explosions. SHOOTING IN TULKAREM An assassination in a West Bank refugee camp could complicate Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas's efforts to demobilize Palest...
Keywords: EU; NATO; NSA; UN; attorney general; brazil; bush; california; elections; ethnic; hurricane; india; iraq; islam; israel; jihad; karl rove; katrina; mexico; new orleans; oil; pakistan; palestine; privacy; rights; riots; scooter libby; turkey; washington
Downloads: 28
[movies]Funny or Die Video 7adf7d90fa: Bush Sings for Karl Rove - Funny or Die
A Heart-breaking version of "Candle in the Wind"
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Candle In The Wind; Elton John; George W Bush; James Adomian; Karl Rove; Valerie Plame; can; fired; katrina; porkchop; quit; resign; scandal; talk; who
Downloads: 6
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Wednesday, April 26, 2006
CEASEFIRE AT RISK IN SRI LANKA The Sri Lankan military today launched new strikes on areas controlled by Tamil Tiger rebels, a day after a suicide bomb attack shattered a fragile ceasefire. Ponniah Manikavasagam reports from Sri Lanka. Military spokesman, Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said the strikes came after the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fired on naval patrol craft off the eastern port of Trincomalee for a second day...
Keywords: EU; FEMA; USSR; afghanistan; bush; california; china; death penalty; elections; environment; fox news; greenpeace; iran; iraq; israel; karl rove; military; nigeria; nuclear power; nuclear weapons; oil; protest; rebellion; rights; riots; scotus; suicide; torture; uranium; washington
Downloads: 75
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Friday, October 28, 2005
TEHRAN RALLY Iran's controversial president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended a massive demonstration in Tehran today. The anti-Israel march has become an annual event in Tehran to mark the final Friday of Ramadan. Ahmadinejad drew worldwide criticism for his statement this week that Israel should be "wiped off the map". This year's rally reportedly drew between 200 thousand and one million people. FRESH VIOLENCE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE A member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade died today during ...
Keywords: FEMA; UN; bush; censorship; cheney; elections; federal government; france; hamas; hurricane; iran; iraq; islam; israel; jihad; karl rove; military; new orleans; nicaragua; nuclear power; oil; palestine; rebellion; rights; riots; scooter libby; suicide; washington
Downloads: 276
[movies]Jon Stewart Versus Cable News on Rush Slut Kerfuffle
Rush Limbaugh has apologized for calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" but the whole dustup made it very clear what the difference between cable news and comedy is: almost nothing. Jon Stewart's take on The Daily Show was as hilarious as Karl Rove's on Fox News. For entirely different reasons.
Keywords: news&information; fox news; greta van sustern; karl rove; jon stewart; john stewart; daily show; rush limbaugh; sandra fluke; slut; prostitute; contraception; david gregory; mitt romney; newt gingrich; rick santorum; ron paul
Downloads: 20
[movies]Funny or Die Video 2005: Bush and Rove: Thug Life - Funny or Die
George W Bush and Karl Rove are back to their roots: straight-up booty-bass. Feel it as they bring it.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Thug Life; George W Bush; Karl Rove; Feel It; George Bush; Gangster rap; music video; booty; ass; bling; president; White House; hip hop; gfunk
Downloads: 22
[audio]Free Speech Radio News lineup - Monday, October 31, 2005
UN RESOLUTION ON SYRIA Today the United Nations Security Council adopted a unanimous resolution that warns Syria of serious consequences if it fails to cooperate with UN investigators probing the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. Haider Rizvi reports from the United Nations. The resolution is the outcome of a diplomatic compromise between those seeking to impose sanctions against Syria and the ones who are against it...
Keywords: NATO; UN; afghanistan; bush; cheney; china; democratic party; detainees; environment; france; hamas; hurricane; india; iraq; islam; israel; jihad; karl rove; military; pakistan; palestine; protest; rights; riots; russia; scooter libby; scotus; unions; washington
Downloads: 226
[movies]Funny or Die Video 93f13ee764: Vice President Cheney Shoots Hunter Harry Whittington - Funny or Die
Vice President Dick Cheney shoots hunter Harry Whittington. Shows the funny conversations of the Bush Administration following the shooting. Episode 2 of Great Conversations.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Bush Administration; Condoleeza Rice; George Bush; Harry Whittington; Karl Rove; The funny; Vice President Cheney; Vice President Dick Cheney; accident; episode 2; hunter; shooting
Downloads: 10
[movies]Karl Rove: "Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson are Fair Game" - Brave New Foundation
Former CIA Officer Valerie Plame & Former US Ambassador Joe Wilson--wife and husband--came by Brave New Studios to talk about their new film, Fair Game, a biography picture, at the moment the White House leaked that Plame was a CIA agent. The film deals how the White House tried to discredit Joe Wilson, by hurting his wife Valerie, in retaliation for writing a New York Times op-ed saying the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about WMD to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Keywords: Valerie Plame; Joe Wilson; CIA; Karl Rove; Fair Game; Movie; Robert Greenwald; Brave New Foundation; New York Times; Iraq; Weapons of Mass Destruction; George Bush; Bush; Sean Penn; Naomi Watts; Doug Liman; Blockbuster; Hollywood
Downloads: 53
[audio]Noam Chomsky - 2002-11-11 - Canadian Press Conference
On November 11th, 2002, Noam Chomsky took questions from Canadian Journalists.This was cobbled together from two sources to make a complete version of this press conference, hence the poorer audio quality in the last few minutes.
Keywords: Chomsky; Richard Perle; Israel; Iraq; War on Terror; United Nations; Canada; Gulf War; Kuwait; Nuclear Weapons; Israeli nuclear weapons; George W Bush; oil; 911; Chechnya; Karl Rove; Vietnam; al Jazeera; Colin Powell; Qatar; North Korea; Nazi Germany; Netanyahu; United Nations
Downloads: 67
[audio]SLounge297 - Larry Winfield
No. 297 - November 9th, 2012 - 67:59 "The Aftermath" 00:32 President Barack Obama Victory Speech, I 04:38 Welcome 05:30 Geeknotes: 2nd Sunday Top Shelf Poets, Bouldering Poets VI, Brad Wilson November Newsletter 08:06 Open Mic Stage Intro 09:36 "forward motion" - Jamie Leonhart 14:10 Drunk Diane Sawyer, Compiled by Gawker 16:36 "sliding forward" - general fuzz 23:05 "Election Day" - Ambrose Bierce 25:07 Karl Rove Loses It On Fox News Election Night, Courtesy The Young Turks 29:04 President Barac...
Keywords: President Barack Obama; Top Shelf Poets; Bouldering Poets; Brad Wilson; Jamie Leonhart; Drunk Diane Sawyer; Gawker; general fuzz; Ambrose Bierce; Karl Rove; The Young Turks; Morcheeba; Sister Machine Gun; Summer Rose; Rachel Maddow; HIV vaccine; Re-healable Concrete; Prosthetic Hand; Guy David; Fritz Monath; SLounge297; Sundown Lounge 297; 2012 Election
Downloads: 278
[audio]SMD 39 -
Due to staying with him listener discretion is advised.On this salted papercut episode of The Show Me Doctrine:K-Street lobbyist get a sneak peek at the RNC agenda for the next month. Seems like business as usual but they get it before the representatives do. OY!Cor Jesu High School in STL get fire for violating the morality clause in their contracts ... by being lesbians. Plus, Pop Culture Review, which is actually about popular culture this week...
Keywords: Missouri news; Missouri; St. Louis news; St. Louis; RNC; K Street; baby boom; government shutdown; lobbyist; Karl Rove; Crossroad Strategies; The Brilliance; Luke Daniels; ubisoft; from dusk till dawn the series; robert rodriguez; El Rey Network; Lesbians; Cor Jesu; Catholic; Morality clause; Mores; Folkways; we are society; parenting
Downloads: 37
[audio][May 22 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's "Chicks Up Front" Again - The "Chick-ifying" Of U.S. Political Bloodsport... Case In Point, CodePink - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: The Turks have mediated an agreement between Israel and Syria regarding the Lebanese crisis and perhaps the Golan, and it's already in the process of being implemented. Hezbollah is standing down in Beirut and withdrawing to barracks. More. Congress has sent a defective farm bill up to the White House for it's inevitable veto with 34 pages missing, so they do it again. The Feinstein-Craig farmworker provision has been stripped from the Military Appropriations bill.....
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; Anti-War; Anti-War Demonstrator; Anti-War Organization; Beirut; CENTCOM; CodePink; David Petraeus; Diane Feinstein; Executive Privilege; Farm Bill; Farm Subsidies; Farm Worker; Farming; Feminism; Feminist; Golan Heights; Hezbollah; International Diplomacy; Israel; Karl Rove; Larry Craig; Lebanon; Middle East; Military Appropriations Bill; Senate Judiciary Committee; Syria; Turkey; Veto; White House; Womens Issues
Downloads: 125
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